It’s all about the games!

The world of interactive gaming has gone through a revolution in recent years.
New platforms and technologies have expanded the reach of interactive games to whole new audiences, while the social web has created brand-new ways for game players to connect with one another and for friends and families to play together and challenge one another.

So where does Zattikka fit into this exciting new gaming world?
In these fast-changing times, for Zattikka one thing still holds true…”it’s all about the games!”
Zattikka applies the unique talents and experience of their fired-up team to create the next generation of compelling, connected gaming brands, whether on a gaming portal, social site, or smartphone.

Zattikka is here and it’s bringing you amazing new worlds of entertainment!

Flagship Portal is a family-friendly, free and premium web games portal.

With its loyal community, and fresh and fun game content, Gimme5games has firmly established its position as one of the portals to watch. Gimme5games is home to its own unique game IP, including Finger Frenzy World, Balloon Headed Boy, and the Phantom Mansion series.

Zattikka continues to enhance its existing products and roll out new and exciting ways to share and play online and in your pocket!

The Team

Drawn from the worlds of console games, mobile games, web games, web portals and viral marketing, Zattikka has a very exciting team.

With more years of experience than they care to remember and track-records that speak for themselves, Zattikka’s team deliver “Games for the Planet”!

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